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Free VCU Virginia Commonwealth University computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of VCU Virginia Commonwealth University.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by Jeff Auth.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Campuses of Virginia Commonwealth University

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a public university composed several campuses, with its main branch located in Richmond, Virginia. It is the result of a merger between the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) and Richmond Professional Institute in 1968. Today, it enrolls more than 32,000 students in its wide range of academic programs and degree courses. It has earned the distinction of having very high research activity from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

The VCU has two main campuses in Richmond, a branch campus in Education City in Qatar and some regional facilities such as the Inger and Walter Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences, the VCU Medical Center at Stony Point, the School of Medicine Inova Campus, the School of Pharmacy Inova Campus, and the School of Social Work – Northern Virginia. Below is a close look at the university’s educational facilities.

Monroe Park Campus The Monroe Park Campus is situated at the eastern edge of the Fan District. The Fan District is a historic town built in the late 19th century that can be found adjacent to the downtown Richmond. Most of the VCU’s general educational facilities can be found in this main campus. Many of the campus’s buildings were erected along the West Main Street and West Broad Street. These buildings date back to the 1900s so you can expect the place to be rich in history. The campus is also home to the Stuart C. Siegel Center, VCU School of the Arts, Snead Hall/Engineering East Hall, Cary Street Gym, and The Ginter House. The Ginter House located at the West Franklin Street is the campus’s main administrative building that was named after cigarette mogul Major Lewis Ginter.

MCV Campus Another important component of the university is the MCV campus, where you can find the VCU Medical Center. Here is where the other branches of medicine can be found. These include Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Allied Health, and Nursing. Its School of Public Health has only been recently established as an additional unit in the VCU Health System. Apart from all these, the campus is also home to the Massey Cancer Center, an NCI-designated center for cancer studies and research. The campus is adjacent to the financial and business district of the city. It is located near the state capitol.

VCUQatar VCUQatar (VCUQ) is a branch of the university that is situated in Education City, Qatar. It was founded in 1998 as the first university in Education City. The main program in this campus is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Taking this course can have you specializing in numerous sub-fields including Graphic Design, Painting, Interior Design, Print Making, and Fashion Design. The campus also offers post graduate courses and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, major in Design Studies. Apart from the classrooms, work studios, and work shop areas, the campus also boasts of an international gallery where the works of students, alumni, and renowned artists are featured.

If it’s your dream to enter the VCU someday, make that dream a little closer by downloading a free Virginia Commonwealth University wallpaper as inspiration.