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The Best Nature Wallpapers

Nature wallpaper is an image that is placed on the desktop of the graphical environment of the operating system as a simple decoration. The background is not limited to a static image. There are animated or even interactive desktop backgrounds like a desktop background Web page. On computers with few resources, it is preferable to place a light desktop background or a solid color. They usually fit the available screen resolution: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 pixels or fill the edges with some color.

Choosing wallpaper is not always easy. This is an essential element to customize your computer, and from one internet user to another, it is clear that the tastes are very different: some appreciate the geek wallpaper, while others prefer to change the wallpaper regularly to adapt to the season. With no doubt, they have a picture of spring waiting impatiently for the summer.

If Windows XP started a beautiful meadow as a default desktop background, it wasn’t by chance. Nature fits beautifully on the screen of our computer, as it reflects something that is far from typical in big cities. If you want to relax looking at these landscapes, we bring you five websites for the best wallpapers of nature.

  1. Pexels

One of the best websites to find the wallpaper of nature: Pexels. The main feature of this site is that the photographs are updated every day; that is, you will not find the same wallpaper over and over again. In Pexels photographers to upload their best creations to download for free. And yes, the images there are amazing, some worth printing and hanging in your room at home.

  1. Unplash

Minimalism. That’s the best definition for Unplash. This website is characterized by very minimalist funding, that is, looking for those parts of nature that are less common. As with Pexels, the download is free and professional or semi-professional photographers share everything. In this way, the quality of the snapshots is assured.

  1. Flickr

If you like photography or images in general, I’m sure you know Flickr. For us, the best portal in this list. This website has been among us for almost a decade making the delights of all users, which guarantees that billions of photographs (and this is literal) are kept inside it. According to the statistics, 41 photos are uploaded every second, that is, in an hour you will have approximately 147,600 photographs. That’s nothing. Put “nature” or “nature” and enjoy.

  1. Wallpapers Home

After three portals where originality and exclusivity is the predominant note, we now move on to a slightly more generic one: Wallpapers Home. On this website, you will not find your own photographs thrown by the best professionals, but the classic wallpapers of any of these sites. It is up to you to find the best solutions in the categories that appear in the left column, which incorporate the section of nature divided into several sub-sections.

  1. Murals Your Way

Let’s close the review with something special: Murals Wour Way. It’s not really a web to find wallpapers, but a portal where we can buy stunning murals to paste at home. In other words, if you want your wallpaper to jump from digital to real, maybe this site is the best option.

The islands often have many facets, from The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe to the survivors of Lost through our sweet Breton Islands. Nevertheless, they remain in atypical and beautiful places. Some offer beautiful beaches of fine sand, palm trees, warm and bright water, while others reveal their wild nature by the end of the waves crashing against the cliffs. There are selections of wallpapers that bring together paradisiacal maritime landscapes. Besides the seaside, there are also many selections of wallpapers representing nature in the interior of the land. From the grandiose and mountainous landscapes to the gentle countryside, its fauna and its multicolored flora, summer and winter, these images amaze anyone on this planet, and it’s all the better.

There is never a lousy escape to the mountain, to take a walk to clear our head, well, as there are users who do not have enough time to do this, there are a series of wallpapers showing nature in its pure state. As you have noticed from your previous experiences with nature wallpapers, they all show nature as it is found in various corners of the world. And if we can see it at the bottom of our main screen much better, right? Of course, it will always offer us a breath of fresh air that helps clear our minds at times when we need a haven of peace.