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Star Trek Romulan Winged Defender, free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

Star Trek Romulan Winged Defender.
Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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Fly Like a Bird in the Romulan Winged Defender

In the television series Star Trek, the Romulan Winged Defender is a gorgeous spaceship that literally looks like a bird. Also called the V-30, the Romulan Winged Defender is a Class XII Cruiser used throughout the Romulan Empire. Of all the Romula warships, the Winged Defender is the most powerful. The Romulan Winged Defender’s wing positions can be varied.

The Romulan Winged Defender was introduced in the Stardate 2/17. It is a formidable ship. The Type 1 Romulan Winged Defender has eight mounted disruptors that can provide covering fire from all directions. It also has the newest plasma weapon, the RPL-3. When used with a cloaking device, it allows the Romulan Winged Defender to deliver a deadly first strike, a typical Romulan tactic.

The Type 2 Romulan Winged Defender was introduced around Stardate 2/19. It has the new mounted RP-3 photon torpedoes. The can be found on both the fore and aft of the Type 2 Romulan Winged Defender. The Romulan Winged Defenders are used as focal points or flagships of a Romulan fleet. One Romulan fleet can contain several Romulan Winged Defenders. They are deployed along the Neural Zone and areas along the Triangle. This is to stop enemies from venturing into Empire space. Romulan Winged Defenders are also used for shadowing missions.

See the strength of a Romulan Winged Defender by downloading a free Star Trek Romulan Winged Defender wallpaper for your desktop computer.