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Star Trek Borg Cube And USS Diligent, free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

Star Trek Borg Cube And USS Diligent.
Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

Great free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free Start Trek wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Power that Defies Convention


The mysterious Borg Cube is the primary vessel of the feared Borg Collective. Seemingly innocuous (as most people would not be intimidated in anyway whatsoever by a cube starship), it is one of the strongest and smartest starships in the universe. It appeared in two of the Star Trek TV Series- The Next Generation and Voyager, and in the movie Star Trek: First Contact. Although the cube had a shape unconventional to most known starships, it was a formidable enemy- in one encounter in the Battle of the Wolf 359 in 2366, 39 out of 40 Federation ships were lost. There are many occasions of a single Borg cube being capable of taking on and winning against an entire Federation fleet. One single cube was deemed sufficient enough to wipe the civilization of an entire planet. Nevertheless, those who had witnessed Borg invasion of their native worlds recalled seeing hundreds of Borg Cubes before the planet’s destruction. Although it is thought that thousands of Borg Cubes exist in Borg Space, the largest grouping that has been directly observed by Starfleet is only fifteen (by the crew of the USS Voyager).

Borg Cubes are estimated to have a volume of more than 27 kilometers. The atmospheric pressure in a Borg Cube would be intolerable for humans, as it is at least 2 kilopascals higher than the pressure present on Federation starships. Humans would not probably find the relative humidity of 93% and the internal temperature of 39.1 C to their liking, either. Two types of Borg cubes have been identified in the Star Trek universe: one (seen in The Next Generation) having an outer layer composed of a thin, yellow perpendicular framework of greebles, a glowing faintly with a yellow light. The other has a more solid-looking exterior also with perpendicular greebling, and a more subtle inner green light. Borg cubes are capable of both warp and transwarp velocities, possessing a network of transwarp corridors and hubs. It can also self-regenerate and has multiple redundant systems. It is no easily destroyed, still remaining being able to operate even if 78% of it has been rendered useless by weapons. One of its most feared abilities in battle is its rapid adaptability to whatever strategies, weapons, and tactics its foes use.

The most common tactic employed by the Borg Cube was to first hold an enemy ship in place using a tractor beam, then deactivate its shields. The Cube is then free to board and assimilate the ship by sending Borg drones or even destroy it entirely.

In the video game Star Trek: Armada (where the USS Diligent also appears), the powers of the Borg Cube were decreased slightly for the sake of gameplay. Aside from their normal abilities, the Cubes were also given the ability to assimilate and mimic the weapons of enemy ships. After assimilation, the weapons are fed through secondary structures, equipping each cube with the same weapons.

In awe of the power hidden by this unconventional starship? Download this free Star Trek Borg Cube And USS Diligent wallpaper today.

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