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“Ridge Racer 3D Racing Game” free computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Ridge Racer 3D Racing Game.
Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Ridge Racer 3D: The Classic Arcade Game with Upgraded Features


Ridge Racer 3D, released in early 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS, was the second game in the classic Ridge Racer series to be released with 3D graphics. The first was the Ridge Racer 7 patch for the Playstation 3, which allowed players to use special glasses to view the game in 3D. Ridge Racer 3D was praised for its smooth incorporation of 3D into the gameplay. Handling retained the same feel as classic Ridge Racer controls, and the Grand Prix career mode was described as engaging and good for several hours of racing. For its fans, Ridge Racer was never about the most accurate controls or the best physics engine comparable to real cars, but the fun of punching cars through turns at impossible speeds with only slight on the brake button. This the current Ridge Racer game seems to have in abundance.

However, Ridge Racer 3D was criticized for not being innovative and unique enough as compared to other games in the franchise. There was a lack of new content, although some were happy enough to see their old favorite maps given the 3D treatment. It was noticed some of the maps had been recycled or given forward/backward variants throughout the Grand Prix setting. A few critics also wished that a feature for online multiplayer mode had been included, as real-time multiplayer in the game was only limited to local playing.

Are you a fan of the high-octane classic Ridge Racer Series? Download this free ridge racer 3d racing game wallpaper now!


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