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Free Playboy Jazz Festival computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Playboy Jazz Festival.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Playboy Jazz Festival

The Playboy Jazz Festival is a yearly event organized and sponsored by the Playboy Enterprises to give honor to one of the oldest music genres—jazz. This celebration features established and new jazz musicians and performers. This event was founded by the Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner. The first musical festival was held at the Chicago Stadium in Chicago, Illinois in 1959. The second festival was held in 1979. The venue was relocated to Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The jazz event was held here since that time.

The festival is held yearly on the weekend of mid-June. Bill Cosby has been the host of the festival since 1979. This festival is produced by George Wein’s Festival Productions, Inc. and is broadcasted live by the Southern California jazz public radio station KKJZ.

This year, the 33rd annual Playboy Jazz Festival will be held. The roster of guests includes Dianne Reeves, Buddy Guy, The Roots, and the Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra. Naturally 7 will also return for a vocal play. With the big names in jazz, you just can’t mix this landmark tradition that would let you enjoy everything jazz from blues to Latin tunes, and so many more. If you intend to attend this major musical event, here are some tips to help you have a wonderful time.

Buy tickets in advance

Playboy Jazz Festival is a well-attended event. In fact, this musical gathering is very popular that tickets get sold out immediately. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance to ensure that you don’t run out of space in the venue. You can purchase your ticket from the official website of Playboy Jazz Festival or from an accredited ticketing outlet in your vicinity.

Arrive early

As expected, the venue can be packed with people. It would be best to arrive early during the day of the festival to get good seats. This would also help you avoid the crowds that arrive a few minutes before the music festivals starts.

Know the rules

Like with any other event, Playboy Jazz Festival has its owns rules and stipulations that you would need to know about in order to have a smooth and fun time. Determine prior to the festival day if cameras are allowed, if you can bring in food and drinks, or if you can take children with you if you plan to do so. Knowing these little things will help avoid small to major nuisances that can ruin your otherwise perfect day.

Have fun

Best tip of all, let loose and have fun. This is one event where you should forget about the daily stressors in your life. Filter out the thoughts about your work or house chores and live on the moment while listening to the wondrous music with both your heart and soul. This would help you have a nice time especially if you are with your family or friends.

You’ll surely have an unforgettable time during this festival. Download a free Playboy Jazz Festival wallpaper for your computer.

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