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Free Happy National Applesauce Cake Day computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Happy National Applesauce Cake Day.

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Happy National Applesauce Cake Day

Who would have thought that there is a holiday solely dedicated to the applesauce cake – the National Applesauce Cake Day? The event is celebrated every 6 June. If you’ve never tried this cake, it’s about time you did as it is uniquely flavored with applesauce, a food item used as a condiment or a dessert in itself.

A variation of this cake is the applesauce spice cake, which makes use of spices, such as cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves for added flavoring. Applesauce cakes are traditionally baked using a Bundt cake pan but some people use cupcake molds to make it easier to serve the cakes individually. These cakes can be served glazed, frosted with cream cheese, or dusted with icing or powdered sugar.

So, how did the recipe for applesauce cake come about? Some said that in the past, people used to put chicken or beef fat in the mix to replace butter. Just imagine what a cake with ingredients like that tasted like. So, somebody came up with the idea of adding applesauce to make the cake more palatable. Incidentally, the use of applesauce made the cake more moist, which makes eating it a delicious treat.

Applesauce cake has historical significance. It was considered patriotic because it was baked with less sugar, eggs, and butter. It was also thought to be “healthier” than most cakes. If you want to know more about this holiday, you can check the Facebook page of the National Applesauce Cake Day Society. Download this happy national applesauce cake day wallpaper to commemorate the day.