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Free Gorgeous Sunflowers On Blue Sky computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Gorgeous Sunflowers On Blue Sky.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Smile with Sunflowers

There’s nothing to perk up the spirits quite like sunflowers. These sunny blooms with their yellow petals and large brown faces can instantly make a person happy. The scientific name of a sunflower is Helianthus annus.

The sunflower is an annual plant that originally grew in the Americas. Because it resembles the sun, it is often used as a symbol for this fiery ball. Sunflowers stems are covered in hair and coarse to the touch. The sunflower’s leaves are also rough.

It might seem like a single flower, but each sunflower is actually composed of around 1,000 to 2,000 flowers. All of these flowers are connected to each other at the flower’s base. Thus, a single sunflowers is actually made up of a flower head which contains numerous flowers. Sunflowers are tall flowers. They can reach anywhere from five to twelve feet in height. The tallest sunflower ever grown is said to have been found in 1567 in Padua. It’s no surprise that sunflowers grow best in full sunlight. They also need soil that is moist and fertile. Soil drainage should also be optimum.

During the 16th century, sunflowers spread to Europe. Sunflower oil, as well as sunflowers themselves, soon became popular as cooking ingredients. The leaves of the sunflower can also be used to feed cattle. The fiber in sunflower stems can also be used to produce paper.

Gaze at this happy, sunny flower every day by downloading a free gorgeous sunflowers wallpaper on your computer.

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