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Free Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Back with Vengeance: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage reprises his role in the Marvel Comics antihero film Ghost Rider. Cage voices the lead which is Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. This upcoming 3D film is a sequel to the 2007 Ghost Rider Film. It also happens to be the second film that will be released under the Marvel Knights banner. The first one being the 2008’s Punisher: War Zone. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor direct the movie while the screenplay is by David S. Goyer, Seth Hoffman and Scott Gimple. The movie was released in theaters in the US last February 17, 2012.

Apart from Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, other members of the cast include Johnny Whitworth who play Roarke Carrigan/Blackout. He is the antagonist who is at first human but is turned into Blackout to do a certain job. The transformation equips him with the supernatural abilities needed to be able to compete with Ghost Rider. Another cast member is Fergus Riordan who stars as Danny. Danny is a child that gets involved in the demonic conspiracy.

Ciaran Hinds plays the role of the Devil, Violante Placido as Nadya and Idris Elba as Moreau. Christopher Lambert is also in the movie. He’s a monk in this film. This actor was required to undergo rigorous training for three months for sword fighting. He also had to shave his head or this role. Are you excited to watch this film? Head out to the theaters to catch it. While you’re at it, download a free Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance wallpaper for your computer as well.