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Free F1 Italian Grand Prix computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of F1 Italian Grand Prix.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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F1 with Italian Luxury

The F1 Italian Grand Prix 2012 practice is to be held on September 7, followed by the qualifying round on September 8, and the actual race is on September 9. Bernie Ecclestone has signed an agreement that the Italian Grand Prix would be held in Monza, Italy until the year 2016. The race will still be held in the royal park at the outskirt of Milan.

The track length is 5793 kilometres with 53 laps and 11 corners. The race distance is 306, 720 kilometres and can accommodate the top speed of 350 km/hr or 217 mph while the average speed for racers is 250 km/h or 155 mph. Rubens Barrichello holds the lap record time of 1:21.06 in Monza by the year 2004. Monza is also a witness to several victories and tragedies in the world of F1 racing. It s considered as one of the most atmospheric, magical, and suspenseful venues in the world. In 2008, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest F1 driver to win over Alonso. At this same venue, Schumacher also announced his retirement in F1 racing n 2006 although he came back on track several years later.

The track seems simple enough but it requires speed and skill. This area is where Ferrari loves to win the crowd by showing-off with an expert display of speed and impressive engine built. Travelling to Italy is one travel with style. Ticket prices have not increased over the past four years. It has its historical side as it is the third oldest permanent track in the world as it has been operating since 1922.

If you are a big fan of the F1 racing as well as the stylish lifestyle in Italy, do not forget to download free F1 Italian Grand Prix 2012 wallpaper for your desktop.