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Free Easter Monday computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Easter Monday.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
This wallpaper was submitted by one of the visitors. Please let us know if you know the author of this wallpaper.

Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Easter Celebration Goes on the Next Day on Easter Monday

If you think that the celebration is over after the sun sets on Easter Sunday, you’re wrong. That’s because there’s this event called Easter Monday. What is Easter Monday, you might ask. This is the day after the Easter Sunday that is observed in many Christian cultures like Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. In the Roman Liturgical Calendar, it is the second day of the Easter Week octave. In Eastern Orthodox Church on the other hand, it is the second day of the Bright Week. Though it’s not a federal holiday in the United States, many continue with their Easter traditions up to the next day.

For example, egg rolling races are held in many places in this country. At the lawn of the White House in Washington D.C., there’s a very big event called the White House Easter Egg Roll that happens on Easter Monday. It’s so big that sometimes, even the President himself joins in the festive celebration. In this event, the eggs are rolled down the hill or slope. Apart from that, there are various activities to enjoy like food feasts and music entertainment. This tradition in the White House started in 1994. During that year, each state sent a decorated Easter egg for display at the White House. Each year, the most beautiful egg is awarded. There’s even an American Egg Board that facilitates the collection.