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Dragon Ball Z Goku Versus Cell HD Wallpapers

Dragon Ball Z Goku Versus Cell HD Wallpapers.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Versus Cell HD Wallpapers

Cell is a supervillain who comes from a future in the Dragon Ball Z series. Cell is completely single-minded in pursuit of his goals to complete his evolution, as he is extremely eager to discover what attaining perfection would feel like. His desire is to absorb both Android 17 and Android 18. Imperfect Cell is very cautious, sneaky, cunning and calculating; he does not chase after the Androids directly, since he knows he cannot beat them.

Cell has the power of his genetic materials at the time their DNA has been collected, which would make his power level over 60,033,500. Even after absorbing fifteen thousand humans, however, he was no match for Super Namek Piccolo (who Android 16 stated was strong enough to equal Android 17, without removing his weighted clothing), though according to Piccolo he was stronger than Android 18 and thus Super Saiyan Vegeta. But after absorbing at least six hundred thousand humans, he was able to outclass both Android 17 and Piccolo, though the latter was tired from his previous fight with 17. He was calculated to be nearly equal to Android 16 in power by the Android himself. After absorbing Android 17, his power drastically increases.

Cell é um personagem fictício da série em anime e mangá Dragon Ball Z, criado por Akira Toriyama, da qual é o vilão principal da terceira saga, conhecida como a Saga Cell ou Saga dos Andróides. Cell é um bio-androide criado a partir das células de diversos lutadores. Durante a sua participação na série, Cell evolui várias vezes, pois pretende se tornar um ser perfeito e para isso, passa a absorver a energia vital de vários humanos, em especial os Andróides 17 e 18. Seu objetivo é se tornar o lutador mais forte da Terra, e para isso, ele precisa absorver os dois andróides. As primeiras aparições de Cell na franquia, foram no mangá Dragon Ball, no capítulo 361: “A Aparição do Misterioso Monstro!”, publicado em 1992 e no 141º episódio de Dragon Ball Z.

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