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Free DJ Vinyl Disc computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of DJ Vinyl Disc.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Not your Father’s Vinyl Disc Technique: Scratching

First done in the hip-hop underground, scratching effects now feature in many mainstream songs, even pop songs (Kelly Clarkson) and some even by rock bands (Rage Against the Machine). Even though MP3s and other digital media formats have largely displaced the use of vinyl records among most consumers, DJs still make use of these records for scratching purposes.

Aside from vinyl records, a turntable is needed for scratching. The basic scratching technique involves moving a turntable needled back and forth in order to slip cue a record, along with manipulating the volume in order to match the song playing with scratching movements. As the needle moves back and forth, a pattern is created that fits the song playing, much like a drummer accompanying the song with a beat. For this reason, the turntable is considered by some as a percussion instrument. Although some might think dismiss scratching as a simplistic technique, there are many considerations regarding it that need to be kept in mind. As much as possible scratching should not be done over melodic vocals, and should never be louder than the song itself. Scratching discs should also be used- these are vinyl discs that are made up of a harder kind of vinyl than normal discs. As a DJ gains more experience, he or she can incorporate more flair into scratching-professional DJs estimate that there are about 60 different variations on scratching technique.

Fascinated with the DJ technique of scratching? Download this free dj vinyl disc wallpaper today!

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