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Free Dahlia Flower computer desktop wallpaper

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Free desktop wallpaper of Dahlia Flower.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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The Dahlia in Bloom

The beautiful dahlia flower is renowned for its warm color and profuse blooms. Native to South American countries Mexico, Colombia, Belize, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatamela, and Panama, it was brought to Europe by Spanish colonizers in the 17th century. Although efforts to propagate the flowers were first in vain, botanists eventually succeeded in flowering them in different botanical gardens. In 1813, commercial dahlia propagation took off in earnest, and it remains one of the most popular flowers at present. Named after the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, the dahlia was first considered as a vegetable for its edible tubers, but soon became popular as an ornamental flower. The tubers of dahlias are also used in their propagation.

The size of dahlia blooms range from less than 2 inches in diameter to more than 10 inches, and can be classified into six categories. Although dahlias can only be found in white, yellow, pink, red and orange, these can manifest into different combinations in different species. Some petals are solidly colored with a single shade, while others feature petals with a mix of two to three different colors. Similarly, the petals themselves come in different shapes, including spiky, thin, or wispy. This national flower of Mexico prefers rich humus soil and full light, and can bloom from midsummer until the onset of frost. Although usually grown as annuals, they can be grown as perennials if proper procedures are taken.

A fan of the vivid dahlia flower? Bring it to your computer screen by downloading this dahlia flower wallpaper now!