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Free Cow Appreciation Day computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Cow Appreciation Day.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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What’s in a Cow?

For us humans, it is easy to ignore other parts of the food chain because we belong to the top. But if we realize that without the bottom of the food chain, we would have nothing to eat, and then we can see the importance of where our food comes from. One of the highly neglected parts of the food chain is the cow, which provides us with milk that we drink and use in dairy products as well as red meat. This is why the Cow Appreciation Day has been set.

This day is said to be one for the black and white spots which makes a cow distinguishable from other animals. The Chick-fil-A restaurants all across the America hold this celebration with the theme related to cows. There are free meals served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner for customers who dress-up as a cow during the celebration while only a free entrée is awarded to partially dressed-up cow customers.

Other activities to celebrate this day could include not eating cow meat or using cow food products to show that the value of the animal is being appreciated. Some people fast from cow’s meat and use veal or poultry meat instead. There are different recipes that could be made from a cow’s fresh milk as well as from the meat gathered from different parts of its body. Other people also celebrate this day by learning more about the National Milk Producer’s Foundation or by promoting the proper care for these mammals.

If you also care for cows not just because of the cute black and white color but because you value their role in the food chain and in the ecosystem, download free Cow Appreciation Day wallpaper and help spread the word.