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Free Christmas Candle computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Christmas Candle.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Illuminate Christmas

Christmas candles are more than just illumination. It was the early Christians who first began to put candles in their windows. On Christmas eve, a big candle was lit. This signified Christ, the light of the world. Households kept the candle burning all night long in order to light the way for Mary and Joseph, This cherished Christmas custom is still kept in European countries like England, Ireland, France, and Denmark.

One touching story of the Christmas candle tells of a tiny village in Austria that was constantly beset by war and famine. Despite these tough times, a poor cobbler and his wife continue to share what they had with other people. Every night, they would light a candle and put it in their window.

The other villagers soon notice that the cobbler and his wife did not suffer as much as they did. So they got together and on Christmas eve, they all lit candles and put them in their windows. The very next day, the villagers heard the news that peace had come. They continued to light candles every Christmas eve as a sign of thanksgiving.

The largest non-wax Christmas candle can be found in a small town called Schlitz. It is located in Hesse, Germany. To make the candle, a town puts red cloth over a tower in the center of the city. An electric flame is added on top.

Keep a beautiful Christmas story alive by putting a free christmas candle wallpaper on your computer.