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Free Chinese Lantern Festival computer desktop wallpaper

Free Chinese Lantern Festival, computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images


Free desktop wallpaper of Chinese Lantern Festival.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Chinese Lantern Festival Brings Joy and Color to the World

The Chinese Lantern Festival is a signature event for the Chinese American community in the United States. This tradition is bustling with entertaining events and cultural activities that people from different parts of the world will surely enjoy.

Of course, the main feature is a unique showcase of brilliant and colorful lanterns. Apart from that, here’s a list of the usual activities that take place during the lantern festival:

• Lion dance performances

• Musical concerts

• Arts and crafts booths

• Glow-in-the-dark dragon stage performance

• Lantern-making lessons

• Face painting activities

• Kite building

• Chinese paper cutting

• Origami and Chinese calligraphy lessons

Every year, new features are added to ensure that the whole festival gets more and more exciting. Whether you’re a new or returning guest, you’d surely have loads of fun attending this spectacular annual event. This year’s annual event took place last March 2, 2013. The schedule of stage performances included:

12 noon – Opening Ceremony

12:30 – Lion Dance & Kung fu

12:45 – Chinese Acrobats

1:00 – Magic Show

1:15 – Chinese Folk Dances

1:30 – Chinese Flute, Hula & Balancing Act

1:45 – God of Fortune

2:00 – Line Dances & Tai Chi Fan Dancing

2:15 – Wing Chun Martial Arts

2:30 – Changing Faces & Tea Pot Balancing Act

2:45 – Magic Show

3:00 – Ballroom Dancers

3:15 – Drums and Dancing

3:30 – Juggling

4:00 – Chinese Folk Dances

4:15 – Song and Dance

4:30 – Magic Show

4:45 – Martial Arts

5:00 – Chinese Folk Dances

5:15 – Variety Acts

5:30 – Lion Dance

It’s a fun-filled event that you surely can’t get enough of. Best of all, it’s for free!

Can’t join the celebration? Download a free Chinese Lantern Festival wallpaper on your computer.