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Free Celebrating Jesus Birth computer desktop wallpaper

Free Celebrating Jesus Birth, computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images


Free desktop wallpaper of Celebrating Jesus Birth.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Celebrating Christ through Trees and Song

Did you know that cherished Christmas traditions such as wreaths, trees and ornaments also serve to celebrate Christ’s birth? Christians have been able to ascribe biblical significance to traditions that came before Christianity. For example, people brought evergreen boughs into their home during the bleak winter to serve as a sign that the sun would come back, that green things would grow again, and that snow would eventually melt and disappear. Now some Christians also believe that evergreen symbolizes the everlasting life bought for them by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They see the circular shapes of wreaths as another symbol of God’s eternity.

Meanwhile, the holly berries that are popular features of Christmas wreaths can also signify Christ’s blood. A Christmas tree is roughly shaped like a triangle. This was a symbol of the Trinity in olden times. The tree’s triangle also points towards heaven.

The lights on a Christmas tree can indicate that not only is Jesus Christ the Light of the World, but the light of the Gospel is also brought by every Christian to his or her environment.

Many families cherish homemade Christmas ornaments. The star that tops a lot of Christmas trees serves to remind Christians of the star that guided the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus. Whether made out of silver, glass, or tinfoil a star is put proudly on top of the tree.

Celebrate Christ’s day by putting a free celebrating Jesus birth wallpaper on your computer.