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Free Candles Snowman Christmas Holiday computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Candles Snowman Christmas Holiday.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Candle Mr. Snowman

Aside from Santa Claus, another mystical character who is present during Christmas season is the Snowman.

A real snowman is made from actual snow by making two or three huge snow balls and putting the smaller one on top of the other. To make it look like a human, people stick branch of trees or sticks on both sides to make them look like arms, then a scarf is wrapped around the neck. A carrot is usually placed at the center of the upper snow ball to make it look like the nose, and then some other darker colored materials are used for the eyes and mouth. To complete the Snowman’s attire, a bonnet is placed on top of the head. In cases wherein there is no hat or bonnet, a small pail may be used in its place.

For some areas where there are no snowflakes to play with and make a real snowman, people use candles instead. They collect drippings of liquefied Christmas candles in order to make a smaller version of s Snowman. Because it is made of wax and essentially smaller, candle snow mans are easier to shape and decorate. Plus, it is a worthwhile bonding period for family and friends during the season. Some people may buy ready-made snow man candles complete with decorations and add it to their Christmas theme by placing it near windows or on the middle of tables to act as centerpieces.

Grab one easy to handle and festive snow man candle and place it into your virtual world by downloading free Candles Snowman Christmas Holiday wallpaper.

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