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Free Beautifull Red Maple Leaf computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of Beautifull Red Maple Leaf.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
This wallpaper was submitted by one of the visitors. Please let us know if you know the author of this wallpaper.

Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Grow a Beautiful Red Maple Tree

There’s nothing more beautiful than a red maple leaf on an autumn day. The tiny red flowers also signal the arrival of spring. The red maple tree is often a favorite for home gardening and it’s not a surprise at all knowing how gorgeous this can be. To grow a beautiful red maple tree in your yard, you must purchase one. Most specimens can be bought in containers. They can also be balled and burlapped.

Look for a planting area that will provide both full and partial shade. It is best to plant on a loamy soil with good drainage and neutral to acidic pH level. Moist soil is good since this tree loves wet locations. Next, you have to prepare the tree for planting. Remove any wire or twine around the trunk. If the specimen is on a container, place it on ground. Roll it back and forth to loosen the tree. Then gently pull the tree from the pot.

If the specimen is balled and burlapped, cut the fabric to half the height of the rootball. Dig up a planting hole. Make it four times the width and height of the rootball. When you place the rootball, its top part should be even with the ground. Put the tree in the planting hole. Fill up the hole with the soil you took dug from it. Water the tree. Allow the rootball and the soil around it to absorb the water. Spread mulch over the site. This will help retain the soil moisture as well as prevent weeds from growing.

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