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Free April Fool Day computer desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper of April Fool Day.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by
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Free wallpaper – Enjoy!

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Happy April Fools’ Day!

Everyone’s a joker during April Fools’ Day. Every April 1, people all over the world play hoaxes and practical jokes on each other. In France and Italy, adults and children put paper fish on each other’s back. Then they shout April Fish! In their own language.

April Fools’ Day has been celebrated for a long time, with the earliest recording of foollishness on the said date to be found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, which were published in 1392. Some say that April 1 came into being after January 1 was restored as New Year’s Day.

Many countries each have their own special April Fools’ Day celebrations. In Poland, people, including the media, play many hoaxes on each other. Also, no one is expected to engage in serious activity. In fact, the anti-Turkish alliance that Leopold I signed on April 1, 1683,w as backdated to March 31.

Scots call April Fools’ Day Hunt-the-Gowk Day. For Scots, a gowk is a foolis person or a cuckoo. One popular prank is to have someone deliver a sealed message. The message is supposed to ask for help, but what it actually says is “Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile”. The recipient of the message will then ask the gowk to to deliver the message to another person. He will say that he can only help if contact is made with this other person.

Have fun on April Fools’ Day by downloading a free April Fool Day desktop wallpaper for your computer.

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