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Free Andrew Luck American Football computer desktop wallpaper

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Free desktop wallpaper of Andrew Luck American Football.

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Just My Luck

Many football fans go ga-ga over the American football quarterback Andrew Austen Luck. Born on September 12, 1989, the 22-year-old up and coming athlete has already amassed a large following among football fans who can’t get enough of his charming good looks, strong physique, athletic prowess, and interesting charisma and personality. It’s no wonder this Washington-born athlete can’t help but smile once he gets on the football field because he knows his fans would go wild cheering for his game. Here are some bits and pieces of information about this popular young athlete that any Luck fan should know about.

Childhood and Teenage Years

Andrew Austen Luck is the son of Oliver Luck, a former quarterback for the West Virginia University, former NFL quarterback for the Houston Oilers, and current athletic director. So you can guess where his athletic genes come from. His mother, Kathy Wilson Luck, of course, also played a role in honing her little boy’s athletic capabilities. Even though Luck was born in the United States, he spent most of his childhood years in London, England and in Frankfurt, Germany where his father worked as the general manager of two teams in the World League of American Football. He eventually became the league’s president. Luck is the eldest child. His siblings Mary Ellen, Emily, and Addison currently live in Houston, Texas. During Luck’s life in London, he went to The American School in London.

Early Football Career

The Luck family went back to the United States and resided in Texas when Oliver Luck became the CEO of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. While in Houston, Luck had his high school education in the Stratford High School, where he threw a total of for 7,139 yards and 53 touchdowns. Apart from that, Luck also excelled academically. He was one of the 2 valedictorians when he graduated. After that, he pursued his football career with Stanford despite offers from other universities like Oklahoma State, Purdue, Virginia, and Rice. Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh recruited him.

Professional Football

Luck earned the starting quarterback position in 2009. He was the first Stanford freshman to get this job. During his first season, he led his team to victories against the top teams from Oregon and USC. He injured a finger during his team’s final regular season against Notre Dame. He had surgery because of that and was not able to play for the Sun Bowl. In 2010, he became one of the top players of the United States. He got the Pac 10 Offensive Player of the Year. He was also selected as one of the All Pac 10 First Team. Although Luck is already eligible for the 2011 NFL Draft, he declared that he will stay with Stanford as he wants to finish his degree. Many sports analysts predict that if he does decide to join this year’s NFL draft, he will be the first one in the selection.