Free Orange Tulips computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images
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"Orange Tulips" free computer desktop wallpaper

Free Orange Tulips, computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images

Free desktop wallpaper of Orange Tulips.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by unknown.
This wallpaper was submitted by one of the visitors. Please let us know if you know the author of this wallpaper.

Free wallpaper - Enjoy!

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The Tulip Fairy

What could perk you up more than to lie on a bed of orange tulips?

Tulips are very unique flowers, which thrive in climates with long cool springs and dry summers. Aside from its uniqueness, there is a queer story from which the tulips originated. It is called the story of the Fairy Tulips.

It is about an old, kind lady who owned a garden of beautiful tulips. Every night, she would hear singing and babies crying. The sound seems to come from the garden. The morning after, she checked her garden to see if anyone went there, but she saw none. That night, the same sound awakened her from her sleep. She immediately went to the tulip garden to see who was there. To her surprise, she saw a little fairy mother rocking the tulip petal, and each tulip cup holds a little baby fairy. From that time on, she never allowed anyone to pick up the tulips from her garden, nor does she allow anyone to come near it. Overtime the tulips grew into beautiful flowers that give off a sweet scent.

Time came when the old lady died. The tulip garden was replaced with some herbs. All the herbs planted in that garden died and anything that they plant in the garden did not grow. But in the grave of the old lady, beautiful and colorful yellow tulips grew. It was said that the Fairy is singing upon the grave of the old lady.

Download this free orange tulips wallpaper and perk up your desktop. Who knows, you might hear the tulip fairy sing too.

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